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New M18™ Planer Delivers Unmatched Depth Control.

Milwaukee® continues to expand their M18™ Cordless system with the introduction of the Planer. With 20 locking positions for maximum versatility and accuracy, the new tool has an adjustable depth of 0 to 2 mm. Eliminating the need to re-zero between cuts, the depth dial locks from 0 to 2 mm to increase productivity and minimize downtime.


New M18 FUEL™ Drilling and Driving Products Set Industry Benchmark… AGAIN.

Milwaukee® continues to revolutionise cordless expectations with the introduction of new M18 FUEL™ Drill Drivers, Hammer Drills and Compact Impacts. Three years after the launch of the industry-changing M18 FUEL™ Drilling & Driving products, the next generation tools reset expectations, delivering the most power on the market in a much more compact size.


New M18™ FUEL Magnetic Drills Drive Safety & Productivity

Milwaukee® continues to deliver unprecedented innovation with the introduction of the new M18 FMDP M18 FUEL™ magnetic drilling press with permanent magnet.


M18™ Jobsite Fan Delivers Most Powerful Airflow and Unmatched Runtime.

Designed for the demands of a jobsite, the new M18™ Jobsite Fan delivers the most powerful airflow on the market to circulate air over 3.6 x 4.0m room, and provides unmatched run-time for a full day’s work on a single battery charge.


Milwaukee® M18 FUEL™ Delivers First Cordless Braking Grinder Solution.

Milwaukee® continues to to revolutionise cordless power tools with the introduction of the world’s first cordless braking grinder solution. Stopping accessories in under 2 seconds and delivering up to 10X longer tool life, the M18 FUEL™* Braking Grinder is the only cordless braking grinder on the market with the power to grind.


Milwaukee® Powers Up the Jobsite with new M12™ Four Bay Sequential Charger

Milwaukee® continues to deliver productivity-enhancing solutions to the professional tradesman with the introduction of the new M12™ Four Bay Sequential Charger.